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Soon, power from ancient rocks- Dr Ritesh Arya

Soon, power from ancient rocks- Dr Ritesh Arya     Jan 10, 2013, 06.37AM IST TNN[ Priya Yadav ]

CHANDIGARH: For the hill state of Himachal Pradesh looking for energy solutions, the future lies in the rocks buried beneath thousands of metres.

A drilling project in the cold desert of Ladakh in Chumathang area by the Geological Survey of India and DRDO on the sites identified by team of scientists from Norway Iceland lead by Dr Ritesh Arya during Agneyodgara Indor Puga Geothermal Expedition of 2011 has warmed the prospect of harnessing energy from millions of years old molten rocks.                                                           

In the future, metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad too might be exploring the heat generated from the rocks buried in the earth to light up houses.

The Indian Army in Ladakh is already working towards growing vegetables in greenhouses warmed with geothermal energy in inhospitable terrain of Himalyas, where temperatures routinely dip to over minus 20 degrees Celsius. Not just this, the heat derived from the rocks will be used to warm houses and community buildings like schools.

Ritesh Arya, hydrogeologist and the man behind the country’s first geothermal energy project, has floated the idea globally. The man who made a record that went into the Guinness Book of World Records, by finding water at the highest altitude of over 14,000 feet, will be presenting the Agneyodgara  model at the World Future Energy Summit, scheduled to be held in Abu Dhabi next week.

“Apart from Himalayas we have identified Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad as potential geothermal energy sites because of the geotectonic zones these cities fall in. They have granite rocks which means there was some volcanic activity here in the past. We hope to get temperatures of 200 to 300 degrees centigrade if we drill four to five kilometres deep into the earth,” says Ritesh Arya.

A project has been done in collaboration with the government of Norway that allocated 1.5 million krones to explore and tap geothermal energy in Himalaya.


The team compromising of scientists fromNorway,Icealnd and Indian Institutes and Universitires led by Dr Ritesh Arya had identified Chumathang,Puga,Manikaran,Tatapani as not only potential geothermal sites for power generation but also promotion of tourism activities. (Indian Norwegian venture proposes geothermal development in 3 locations in India – Dr Ritesh Arya)

“In Delhi the rocks are 500-600 million years old, in Mumbai, the rock belt is 50-60 million years old, while Chennai has the oldest rocks dating back to nearly a billion years. 10000MWe is the known geothermal potential of India but if Agneyodagra sites concept of developing Lava Energy at shallow depths proposed by Arya are developed then potential can run into giga watts from over 400 sites in the country,” says Arya, who presented his findings of providing SAFE,FREE, sustainable renewable Energy for all by 2050 in United Nations International Sustainable Energy Convention in Geneva early 2012 and was ranked among the top 10 innovators by Guardian.

The geothermal energy model being mooted is simple. “Drill deep into the earth, like now it is being done for oil. At about 4 km depth, the temperatures would be 200 to 300 degree centigrade. Pour the entire sewerage water of the city into these borewells, which will generate steam that in turn will rotate turbines and generate electricity,” says Arya, giving the urban model of geothermal energy.ergy.p

Global Warming natural, Enjoy IT – Dr Arya

Global Warming is natural, Enjoy IT -Dr Ritesh Arya

Paper Accepted for presentation in in the conference on Global Conference on Global Warming : 2009, Istanbul,Turkey

About Dr Ritesh Arya

Award-winning Indian Geologist Dr. Ritesh Arya, who specializes in hydrogeology and groundwater resources in the Himalayas and holds the Guinness World Record, in a press conference held here today, declared, “Global warming is natural, enjoy it” and asserted that “man is too small to cause any impact on global warming.” Arya, who has authored several research papers and was invited by the Royal Geographical Society in 2005,  Global Conference on global warming (Turkey) in 2008 & World Water Week (Sweden) 2009 to discuss climate change, warns that “global cooling will lead to our extinction.”

The fear and hype surrounding the issue of Global Warming phenomenon is misleading and incorrect.

Indian Geologist Dr. Ritesh Arya, who specializes in hydrogeology and groundwater resources in the Himalayas, in a press conference held here today, declared, “Global warming is natural, enjoy it” and asserted that “man is too small to cause any impact on global warming.”

“Global warming is beyond temperatures, Green House Gases or carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. It is also not a mathematical relationship between these parameters.

Global warming is part of the Natural cyclic process alternating between global cooling and global warming.”  Global warming follows global cooling and vice versa. It acts as a transporting phenomenon responsible for transporting and releasing various materials deposited during global cooling times, he further added.

The Myth and Reality about Global Warming

Dr Arya, says, “A myth has been created that man contributes to the global warming process. But, in reality, Man is a product of global warming and not its creator. Man has no role in the acceleration or deceleration of the global cooling-warming cycles.  In fact, it is the global cooling, which will lead to his extinction rather than global warming.”

Global Warming v/s Pollution: GLOBAL WARMING IS 100% NATURAL its like day and night, birth and death

Pollution can be both man made and natural. We can cure man made pollution by building better technologies. But, man cannot control natural pollution like in the case of a major volcanic eruption. Similarly, global warming cannot be controlled by man. Man  is too small too create impact on a global scale to bring about global warming.

“So-called greenhouse gases are essential for our survival now and increased population in the future, but today these gases are treated as if they are threatening our very existence by enhancing the global warming processes. Global cooling will lead to our extinction.

Imagine living in Antarctica or Greenland for the rest of the life without water, without cyclones, without floods. So it’s high time we learn to enjoy global warming,” Arya said.

New Evidences: A result of 15 years of research in remote Himalayan regions

Dr Ritesh Arya, in his research spread over a period of 15 years in different regions of the Himalayan mountain range coincidently discovered evidences of Indus glacier while drilling a water well for Indian army in Ladakh This led to viewing of all the geomorphic features in different perspective. Since then he has discovered new evidences that conclusively question the premise that global warming is man made or man’s action has speeded up the global warming process.

Some of these evidences, Dr Arya says, include:

  • Extinct glacier: evidences of extinct glacier shows that maximum glaciers in Himalayas have become extinct much before the advent of the Industrial Revolution.

  • Indus River/glacier :  evidences of paleo (ancient) river Indus signatures  are beautifully carved on the rocks; These signatures resemble alphabet C ,therefore C curve .

     4-5 such signatures are found in the site Each signature represents global warming and cooling cycle. These events   had taken place since the last ICE age. These signatures are indicators that cycles of warming and cooling occur at their own pace and have nothing to do with man or his activities.

  • Flooding :  Paleo (ancient) Glacial floods take place when the glaciers melt and the glacial deposits are transported due to the action of  high energy regime  created as a result of Hydrostatic disequilibrium resulting due to global warming. This acts only at the time of global warming maxima which happens only once or twice during the global cooling warming cycles.

  • Lake out burst 800 years ago when the global warming was at its maximum, and there was no large scale man made industrial pollution.

The excessive emission of the CO2 is being blamed as contributing factor to the increase in global warming. Regarding this, Dr Arya, says, “In school we have studied the important role played by CO2 in the food chain. More CO2 can be a boon for producing more plants. More plants are needed for the ever growing population. So where is the problem?”



What is at stake?

Dr Arya warns, “If we don’t take any action the future of our generation is at stake. Yes everybody is talking of taking action but action in which direction.” If we take action against fighting pollution we need better technology. Pollution created by man can be controlled but global warming is 100% natural and cannot be controlled by man, he added.

“So, if we play CARBON CREDIT GAMES as propagated by UNIPCC we can control man made pollution effectively but what about GLOBAL WARMING? Who is going to control Global warming?” he asked.

Yes, we cannot control it. So why the whole fuss about climate change and man  having any role and why the two are mixed and the whole confusion being created. He further questions as to “Why Noble prizes are being awarded for creating this confusion?” We need to find answers to this and the solution to this man made confusion of man having any relationship with warming will be solved.

The Solution

In Dr Arya’s opinion the solution lies in building sustainable habitats in geologically sound locations away from shores, away from rivers, away from banks away from coasts, and living in harmony with global warming.


GLOBAL WARMING IS NATURAL: ENJOY IT – Dr ritesh arya geologist

Paper Accepted for presentation in in the conference on                                           Global Conference on Global Warming : 2009, Istanbul,Turkey

Present paper is based on the data gathered for over a decade from the borewell samples drilled in the paleo-glacio-fluvial deposits of the  Indus basin in Ladakh, Indian Himalayan region. Borewell samples analysed from the wells drilled clearly show that global warming and cooling processes are like day and night though with longer durations. They are essential part of the global climate natural cycle which act in uniform to continuously change the various landforms on this mother earth and make it geomorphologicaly so beautiful.       Holding man and his activities responsible for pollution is acceptable truth but holding him responsible for global warming is an Inconvenient Truth, because man is too small to cause any changes of global scale on sustainable basis. This Paper emphasise the use of proper technology to improve exploration, production and decrease pollution on one hand and recommends use of renewable energy resources so that pure air can be made available to all. It also emphasises the need to re-examine the global warming definition as proposed by IPCC which holds man and his activities responsible for increased global warming in recent years. Experiments carried by the author while drilling wells in the Indus Basin clearly show that major glaciers including the Indus Glacier which extended from Mansarovar in Tibet  to Arabian sea melted much before the advent of Industrialisation and rates of receding of glaciers though unknown in those times were much faster then are being projected and related to the activities of man today. Global warming has to be viewed in a different perspective where it has to be  related to the influx of increased water in the natural system so that sediments deposited during global cooling times can be transported to rivers and oceans. Act which is somewhat similar to the way  scavengers behave here global warming is cleaning the earth of the debris and is responsible for transporting them in the oceans. Glacial retreat, cyclones, tsunamis, flash floods, sea level rise, land submergence  are prominent and natural agencies responsible for the various processes of global warming. They help her to transport the deposited material into the rivers/oceans. In this context man with his modern excavating machinery can also be called one of his agencies because he is also digging and at times transporting the sediment deposits.   Time has come to put things about global warming, straight, before it is too late. Associating global warming to activities of man as proposed by IPCC and holding his actions  responsible for directly or indirectly  contributing to increased green house gases, leading to enhanced temperatures, or faster melting rates of glaciers will only make things worse because the definition and approach tries to establish a mathematical relationship between man and his environment but completely  fails to explain the process in totality. Hence this confused scenario where we have become our own enemies and it seems we are fighting a lost battle. But the reality is totally different and man is too small to cause any impact on global warming. With little precaution while selecting the site for habitation near the coasts or glacio-fluvial valleys impacts of global warming like cyclones, flash flooding, land submergence etc can be minimised. Today technicians (chemists, physics, biologists, and radiologist) have become doctors of mother earth, whereas geologists who are real doctors of mother earth are less listened to by the politicians / business houses for reasons best known to them. So called green house gases are essential for our survival now and increased population in future but today these gases are treated as if they are threatening our very existence by enhancing the global warming processes. Global cooling will lead to our extinction. Imagine living in Antarctica or Greenland for the rest of the life without water, without cyclones, without floods. So it’s high time, we learn to ”Enjoy global warming” otherwise what are we going to do in global cooling times.

“Man be not proud Global warming is not your creation” Dr Ritesh Arya: Times of India

Publication: The Times Of India Chandigarh; Date: Apr 3, 2007; Section: Times Chandigarh; Page: 22

Man, be not proud, global warming is not your creation  Dr Ritesh Arya


Chandigarh: Last week, Sydney switched off lights to express its growing concern about global warming and the need for humans to do something about it. But listen to Ritesh Arya, a city-based Guiness book record holder hydro-geologist, the Australians need not have bothered. For, he says, humans are too insignificant to damage the environment that dramatically.

Arya, a PU alumni, will be giving an oral presentation at the third international conference on climate and water in Helsinki. The presentation will be at the session on “Climate change and water resources: Risk and risk management.”

Talking to TOC, Arya said, “Although global warming is a much-hyped subject, there is mounting evidence that human activity is too insignificant to impact Earth’s ecology so drastically. Whatever findings we have so far do not link up properly and science has not been able to justify many of the stands we have taken.”

For instance, he says, “if human activity is to be blamed for a hole in the ozone layer, then it really does not make sense that the hole is on Antarctica which sees near negligible human activity. Also there is growing evidence that global warming followed by global cooling is a natural cycle and will happen with or without human contribution.”

The entire Indus river was a glacier once upon a time, he said. Global cooling resulted in ice ages and global warming started melting it. The glaciers were now confined to higher Himalayas, clearly showing that how little impact man had in controlling the warming process, he said.

Referring to recent reports indicating that Himalayan glaciers will melt by 2030, Arya said, “I would give them some more years say by 2060 and then the glacial ages or the global cooling will start again resulting in the formation of glaciers and beginning of ice age. Cooling will have to follow warming process. That is sure,” he said.