Panic over global warming misplaced: Dr Arya – The Tribune

Panic over global warming misplaced: Dr Arya
Rakesh Lohumi
Tribune News Service

Shimla, February 18
Terming the hype and panic over “global warming” as “unnecessary”, well-known hydro-geologist Ritesh Arya seeks to redefine the phenomenon as a natural cyclic process for transporting the weathered and eroded material accumulated during the global cooling phase in the past.

Arya, who shot into limelight for harnessing ground water in mountainous regions, has in his latest research paper to be presented at the “Global conference on global warming” being held at Istanbul in July later in the year introduced a new concept of bio-geologic cycle to explain the relevance of global warming in shaping the earth now and in the future.

“There is urgent need to put the phenomenon, which had not been triggered off suddenly, in the right perspective as today almost every human activity right from vehicular emissions to use of polythene is being linked to global warming which was a much larger event which started as soon as the Ice Age ended. The fact was that the “biotic” agents (man and other living organisms) had a very small role compared to the “abiotic” (geological, geomorphologic, climatologic, planetary and hydrological) events like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, movement of glaciers and landslides” he told The Tribune here today.

His theory is based on the observations made by him during the drilling operations to tap sustainable water sources by developing groundwater resources in various “hydrostraigraphic” zones identified by him over the past 15 years in the high-altitude areas, including the cold deserts of Ladakh, across the north-western Himalayas. The core material found during deep drilling on high mountain areas like Khardung La (over 18,000 ft) was geologically similar to the one found on the banks of the Indus river which established a link between global warming and glacial movements. Rivers like the Saraswati vanished long time ago when there were no industries, no polluting vehicles or other human activities which could cause global warming, which are being termed as the main contributing factors by present-day environmentalists. Disappearance of the river was a geological event caused by global warming, explains Arya, who found a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for his achievement in finding groundwater in the Chushul area at an altitude of more than 14,000 ft.

The phenomenon could not be understood in isolation and it had to be seen in totality. Global cooling and global warming are like day and night, one will follow the other and instead of pressing the panic button the effort should be on “managing the situation”. However, it should be kept in mind that human effort would be of no consequence in reversing the mega process.

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