Dr Aryas C curves and Global Warming phenomenon Natural


Skeptical paper accepted for presentation at GCGW
(Global Conference on Global Warming) Lisbon, Portugal
The paper is “C  curves and the Global Warming phenomenon”.
Summary from author Ritesh Arya [aryadrillers@gmail.com] below. 
Paleo climatic signatures of Indus Glacier and Indus river discovered by Dr Ritesh Arya are taphonomically  very well preserved on granite’s of Ladakh Indian Himalayas. Since these resemble alphabet C so he  termed them C cycles. Protruded portion shows  cooling and depression shows warming times. Clearly                      showing cyclicty of global warming and cooling since last Ice Age (approx 11714 years ago). He discovered 10  cycles, 2 half and 8 complete cycles. Presently we are  in half cycle already crossed peak of warming and  gradually entering into cooling times with little ICE  Age around 2178 years 
The paper for the first time shows actual geological evidence to show global warming is a 100% natural cyclic process and man and his activities have no role in enhancing or reducing the cyclic process.
The proposal highlights the discovery of paleo climatic signatures by Dr Arya carved on batholiths of Ladakh Indian Himalayas due to climate change mainly induced due to global warming and cooling since time immemorial and tends to redefine global warming as part of a natural cyclic process responsible for transporting various materials deposited during global cooling times.

It is evident that we are in a global warming era and the process of warming has been continuing since the last ICE age — believed to have ended around 10,000 years ago. Taphonomical research of these preserved signatures on banks of the River Indus reveal that beautiful C shaped structures were carved by action of Indus Glacier(cooling) and river (warming) in past on the batholiths.

Structures preserved clearly show that warming and cooling don’t have a linear or a hockey stick curve relationship but follow a C type structure. If these paleo-signatures embedded are critically analysed they show cyclicity in events of warming and cooling in form of C alphabet. Where C represents and is symbolic for completeness of natural climatic cycles of cooling – warming – cooling processes.

 If we write the alphabet C then starting and ending of C alphabet show some linearity which represents – cooling and curve portion in C alphabet represents warming. C shape also shows that cooling-warming and again cooling are all part of natural cyclic processes and the transition from one into another is somewhat gradational in nature, one complements the other.

 He discovered 10 cycles, 2 half and 8 complete cycles.                            Presently we are in half cycle already crossed peak of   warming and gradually entering into cooling times  with little  ICE Age around 2178 years 

Center of C alphabet represents global warming maxima and it is at this time where maximum mountain flash flooding leading to maximum destruction and erosion along glacio-fluvial basin takes place ultimately leading to sea level rise and land submergence in coasts. This global maxima in C curve is cause of maximum destruction and submergence.

The author was able to discover 8 such cycles and 1 half intermittent cycle. Actually after every four cycles of 1176 years we have a half cycle of 588 years. Beauty of these cycles is uniformity in thickness and size. If 10,000 years is bench mark then each C cycle represents a time of about 1176.47 years roughly and each global maximum(marked by massive flash floods, cyclones and sea level rise will be around 500-600 years respectively.

Thus by knowing which part of the C curve paleo signature we are in, we can actually predict whether we are entering the global warming or cooling phase and when will the next global warming maxima going to be.

But lot depends of accuracy of exact age of the last ICE age. Presently we are in a half cycle and seeing these signatures at present it seems that we have entered into warming phenomenon and are yet to experience the global maxima in the present C curve which may be around from today.

The proposal tries to corroborate the geomorphological evidences carved by the forces of warming in the historical past along with Borewell data to understand the dimensions of the warming events in the geological past.

Historical and religious events are also used to corroborate the findings of C curves and make the understanding of warming and cooling simpler and easier and end the debate about man-made global warming processes


PPT  of Dr Arya’s C curve Climate Change Natural at TED

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