CLIMATE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ” “God give me the courage to change the things I can  ( POLLUTION & TECHNOLOGY) accept the things I cannot change (CLIMATE CHANGE) , serenity and wisdom to know the difference”  Climate change  summerised by Dr Ritesh Arya

He  presented and published  in International Conference on Climate change in Himalaya, to  show climate change  to be 100% cyclic process and we are presently entering cooling times culminating into Little ICE AGE  2344.,

Extinct glacier - Dr Ritesh Arya
Extinct glacier – Dr Ritesh Arya


Dr Aryas C cycle – Climate change natural

Dr Aryas C cycle - climate change natural                                                                    
Dr Aryas C cycle – climate change natural



Indian GeoScientist Claims to Solve Mystery of Climate Change                                                                    

Y S Rana

Can English alphabet C will solve the mystery of climate change? Sounds incredible to many but for Dr. Ritesh Arya, an internationally renowned geologist and a Guinness Book record holder believes so and has claimed to prove it. His findings of paleo-climatic signatures made by the Indus River on the granites of Ladakh batholiths (11,715 years ago) have solved the cycli-city of cooling, warming and again cooling nature process. These signatures resemble English alphabet C and he named it Aryas C-cycle. The process of climate change can be well understood by writing the alphabet, he says. He said he found these signatures while exploring, drilling and developing groundwater on China border (Changthang) and Pak border (Siachen, Kargil) in North-West India Himalayas for Army and local population for the past 12 years.

According to Dr. Arya, the thin starting point of the alphabet represents the cooling phase (ice age) and as we continue to draw the curve there is gradual thickness of curvilinear transformation from cooling maxima to warming phase. Half of the curve C represents the warming maxima that marked by floods, tsunami, cyclones, rise in sea level, desertification, biodiversity explosion and increase in green house gases. Completion of alphabet represents the culmination of gradual curvilinear transformation from warming to cooling as thickness begins to decline coinciding with Ice Age resulted in squeezing and freezing of water resources, glaciations and mass extinction.

Geologically it means that during Ice Age there was less water in the system so there was less erosion, we get starting and end of C-cycle. As temperature increases, the rate of erosion increases hence curvilinear depressions are created and Centre C is marked by maxima warming. There is again gradual transformation from warming to cooling and we get geo-morphological features that resemble the lower half of alphabet C” says Dr Arya.               Granites played an important role in the preservation of these climatic signatures because they are very hard and compact. Taphonomical analysis of these C curves in massive Granites show great role of Lithology and geomorphology in preservation and understanding the cycli-city of these climate signatures which have been beautifully preserved in the Ladakh Batholith in NW Himalaya. He observed 10 such cycles in the site, eight complete and two-half cycles.

Geo-Mathematical Modeling

Geo-mathematical modeling of these signatures show that after every four cycles, there is a half cycle, just as we have a leap year after every four years. According to this model each complete C cycle is of 1338.6 years and half C cycle is 669.3 years that comprises of cooling to warming to cooling phases. The model is based on simple calculations. With the help of following steps we can simply calculate one C-cycle of climate change.

Last Ice Age was 11,715 years from today (based on International standard reference) which defines precisely when ice age ends and present begins. Studies are based on Ice cores from Nord-GRIP drilling in Greenland by researchers from Niels Bohr Institute at Copenhagen University, Denmark. No of C-cycles discovered in Ladakh eight are complete, 1 half and 1 half of half C-cycle so in all there are 8.75 C-cycles since the last ICE age. Therefore, 1 Cycle = 11715 years/ 8.75 cycles = 1338.6 years /cycle. Hence, one climate cycle of cooling, warming and again cooling is curvilinear completed in 1338.6 years and half cycle is completed in 669.3 years.

Interpreting Arya’s C Cycle

Based on the discovery of paleo-climatic signatures of warming and cooling beautifully carve on the granites of Ladakh batholiths which resemble alphabet C. He tries to explain the cycli-city of climate change. Mathematical model shows that one complete climate cycle which starts from cooling to warming and then again cooling follows a curvilinear shape resembling alphabet C. “Presently, we are in lower half of C-cycle that began in 1677-78 marked by freezing of Thames River and adding 334 years which corresponds to half of half cycle we get 2011. Therefore, 2010-11 seems to be the time coinciding with the global warming maxima. Leh floods in 2010 coincide with warming Maxima of C-cycle. Flooding events were reported from China, Pakistan, Europe, Canada, USA, South America Africa. We are gradually transforming curvilinearly from warming into cooling and culminating into cooling max Ice age in 2344 years,” says Dr Arya.




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